NFL VP of refs tries to explain how Bears' INT ruled a Golden Tate TD

Every week, the catch rule in the NFL seems to get more and more confusing. No one seems to know what a catch is and that was evident on Sunday when a Bears interception somehow got reversed and turned into a Golden Tate touchdown. 

Here's the play in question. 

The officials on the field ruled that Bears linebacker Jonathan Anderson had intercepted the ball because Tate never had control of it. However, after review, it was ruled that Tate DID have control of it, so the call on the field was changed to touchdown. 

How is that possible?

A few minutes after the reversal in Detroit, the NFL's VP of officiating, Dean Blandino, joined the RedZone Channel to discuss the penalty. 

"We just had a review in the Lions-Bears game. The ruling on the field was interception. Golden Tate controlled the pass right at the goal line," Blandino said, explaining the play. "The ball came loose and wasn’t eventually caught by a Chicago defender."

Blandino said that it's not fair to compare Tate's play to the famous non-catches by Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson because both of those catches involved the ball hitting the ground. 

"This is different than the plays we've been talking about, the Dez Bryant play or the Calvin Johnson play. This is not a receiver who’s going to the ground," Blandino said. "The issue here is 'Did he become a runner before the ball came loose? Did he have control, both feet down and time enough to become a runner after the second foot is down?" Blandino said.  

So why was it a touchdown?

"When you watch the play, when the ball comes loose, he’s taking his third step," Blandino said. "The third step is almost on the ground when the ball comes out. He had demonstrated possession, had become a runner. Once the ball breaks the plane of the goal line in the possession of the runner, it is a touchdown and the play is over at that point."

Golden Tate always seems to benefit from crazy explanations. 

To keep tabs on the Lions-Bears game, be sure to head over to our Game Trakcer here. 

Dean Blandino tried to explain why Golden Tate actually scored a touchdown. (RedZone)
Dean Blandino tried to explain why Golden Tate actually scored a touchdown. (RedZone)
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