NFL wants to rein in on-field profanity among players

The Pats and Jets mixed it up late in Thursday's game. (USATSI)
Well ain't this some sh--, er, stuff.

A week after officials in the Seahawks-Panthers game warned players about excessive profanity targeted at the opposing team, the NFL would like to crack down on the potty-mouthed smack-talking.

On Saturday, VP of officials Dean Blandino told ESPN that officials want to curtail "actions [verbal or otherwise] directed at an opponent."

Blandino said that profanity alone isn't prohibited but noted that when verbal actions are directed at an opponent, it's usually profane. So after a week of games that included plenty of fights and a handful of ejections, expect officials to be a little quicker to call unsportsmanlike conduct penalties when players can control their gum-flapping.

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