NFL warns players that eating meat abroad could mean failed drug tests

Steve Smith received an unexpected notice from the NFL. (Twitter: @89SteveSmith)

If any NFL players were thinking about heading to China or Mexico for a vacation before training camp begins, they might want to reconsider their final destinations -- unless they're OK with going vegetarian. Apparently, by eating meat in those countries, players could be violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances, which could lead to suspensions. 

Wait, what?

Thanks to Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith and Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, we know that the NFL sent out a warning about "contaminated meat" in China and Mexico, reminding players that they're responsible for what they put in their bodies. So, no more vacation steak for Smith, because it could contain a substance on the NFL's banned listed.

Reminder: The Raiders and Texans are scheduled to play in Mexico City on Nov. 21.

So that means carnitas tacos are out, and bean and cheese burritos are in. On the bright side, the meatless entrees probably come with a free serving of PED-free guacamole. At least that's how it works at Chipotle.

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