NFL warns San Francisco for Jeremy Lane sideline incident

Nobody was fined for what happened here to Jeremy Lane. (Fox)
Nobody was fined for what happened here to Jeremy Lane. (Fox)

In the NFC championship game, Seahawks gunner Jeremy Lane was pushed out of bounds during a Seattle punt and then was knocked to the ground when he ran into somebody on the 49ers sidelines.

As you can see here:

It briefly reminded us of the Sal Alosi tripping scandal, which led to his eventual resignation as the Jets strength and conditioning coach. But in this case, the NFL only levied a warning at the 49ers and no fine, according to CSN Bay Area.

While coach Jim Harbaugh wouldn't identify the person who collided with Lane, the website wrote that he was thought to be a strength and conditioning staff intern.

“He (Lane) did run into our guy and kind of stumbled down to the ground,” Harbaugh said a few days after the incident. “But our guy was in a spot back where he was supposed to be. I saw it with my own two eyes. I saw the same kind of reaction. He made the same reaction that I did. So it was bang-bang. I could be called for a witness on that because I saw it.

“You don’t know which way to go other than just hold your ground and protect yourself. Which was his reaction. It would have been mine as well.”

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