NFL Week 1 Celebration Grades: Tyreek Hill takes top honors, Joe Mixon needs to mix it up

Football season is back! As such, so is our weekly feature grading the noteworthy celebrations across the NFL. Style points may not show up on the box score, but it's important to appreciate the thought and creativity that goes into some of the dances and celebratory displays that we'll see every weekend during NFL season. It's also important to roast the players who clearly need to work on their showmanship. 

With that in mind, it's time for our the first too-serious breakdown of the season. Dust off those dancing shoes, we're going grading.

Joe Mixon's in his feelings

In Joe Mixon's defense, meaningful football wasn't being played while the "In My Feelings Challenge" craze exploded on the internet earlier this year, so it's tough to say he missed the boat on this dance. However, this thing was run into the ground so fast and so violently that it's already starting to decompose. So to see Mixon break it out after in Week 1 was a little triggering. It was probably naive of me to think we could go a full season without the Drake tribute, so let's just be glad it's out of the way in Week 1. If anyone thinks of doing this dumb dance again, they should be suspended. Grade: F

Stefon Diggs' waggle

Not entirely sure what's happening here. Sorta funny though? Grade: C-

Eric Ebron's "Fortnite" revive

I'm going to be honest here: I didn't really know what the hell was going on with this celebration when I first saw it, and I initially wasn't a fan. It looked like the Colts' tight end was trying to emulate a concussed horse, for some reason, and I wasn't here for it. However, I was later informed that he was giving his best impression of a downed Fornite warrior and enlisted his teammates to revive him, then followed it up with one of the game's emote dances. Pretty creative! However, I would've preferred the true Fortnite dance. Also, he and T.Y. Hilton need to work on their timing a bit. Grade: B-

Alvin Kamara's front row seat

I'm a sucker for celebrations that incorporate fans, like the Lambeau Leap. However, the Lambeau Leap becomes infinitely more cool when you completely hop the wall and establish a bangin' dance party in the stands. Ain't no party like a New Orleans party, and Kamara was ready to get that party started. (Unfortunately, the Saints' defense -- or lack thereof -- basically narc'd on that party.) Grade: B

Cam Newton's giddy up

If you followed this running feature last year, you know that I love targeted celebrations that mock or poke fun at a specific opponent. I'll just assume that was Newton's intention with this "giddy up" celebration that went straight into his signature Superman reveal. It's not wildly impressive or creative, but knowing that it probably pissed off the opposing fans just a little bit extra ... well, that's what it's all about. Grade: B

Keenan Allen's Tati dance

I may not understand the appeal of rapper 6ix9ine, but I think the "TATI" dance is hilarious and I was amused when Keenan Allen broke it out during the Chargers' season opener. You could even call it...nice. However, he probably wants to save any good future celebrations for when his team isn't trailing by multiple scores in the fourth quarter. Grade: B

Tyreek Hill's backflip

Ty Hill had himself a huge opener for the Chiefs and, judging from his bag of celebrations, he was prepared. The most impressive celly came when he unleashed an exceptional backflip in the endzone. I mean, the form was just outstanding. (Probably not the greatest move in terms of risk, but he nailed it.) Between his speed and his acrobatics, it just seems kind of unfair for someone to be that athletic.

I also very much enjoyed him giving the peace sign to Chargers defenders as he roasted them all day long. Hilarious.

Overall, a very good day for Hill on the stat *and* style sheet. Grade: A-

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