NFL Week 12 picks: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts likes Colts, Vikings

Dave Richard finally gained some ground on Jake Roberts in Week 11.
Dave Richard finally gained some ground on Jake Roberts in Week 11. (Photo provided)

After weeks of falling behind, senior fantasy writer Dave Richard finally saw a glimmer of hope in his friendly picks wager with pro wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts. When all was said and done, Dave shrunk Jake's 11-game lead on the season by three. Not nearly enough to even the odds, but at that pace -- with six weeks left in the regular season -- there is still hope for Dave to make a comeback.

It's the holiday season. Miracles could happen, you know.

Don't get the wrong idea: Dave went 6-9 in Week 11, which is still not great. But Jake Roberts was a far worse 3-12 on the week. In terms of NFL picks against the spread, Week 11 was neither man's finest hour. But hey... sometimes a win is a win. And if it moves Dave closer to not wearing a pair of pink yoga pants, I'm sure he'll take what he can get.

While we're on the subject of questionable attire, check out the holiday sweaters on Jake Roberts and fellow wrestling stars Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman during their recent holiday photo shoot.

It's beginning to look a lot like argyle.

Jake vs. Dave: Tale of the Tape


Stone Mountain, Ga. Hometown Chicago, Ill.
"The Snake" Nickname "Downtown Dave"
def. Andre the Giant, WrestleMania V Biggest Win One-time Wheel of Fortune winner
Randy "Macho Man" Savage Biggest Rival Weight loss professionals
"Trust me." Catch Phrase "Yeahhhhh!"


What's a prediction contest without a little something on the line? Here is what Jake and Dave risk if they lose the contest.

IF JAKE WINS: Dave travels to Atlanta and visits Diamond Dallas Page's Accountability Crib for an intense DDP YOGA workout and gets a lesson in gluten- and dairy-free living.

IF DAVE WINS: Jake visits the office and must work with Dave for a day.

We'll find out who prevails after Week 17. In the meantime, here are Jake's Week 12 picks against the spread (the same spreads used in our NFL expert picks):

NFL Week 12 Picks: Jake the Snake vs. Downtown Dave
Game and Spread Jake's Pick Dave's Pick
Saints (-9.5) at Falcons
Bears at Rams (-1.5)
Jets at Ravens (-4.5)
Steelers at Browns (-1.5)
Jaguars at Texans (-10.5)
Buccaneers at Lions (-9.5)
Vikings at Packers (-4.5)
Chargers at Chiefs (-4.5)
Panthers (-4.5) at Dolphins
Colts at Cardinals (-2.5)
Titans at Raiders (-0.5)
Cowboys at Giants (-2.5)
Broncos (-2.5) at Patriots
49ers (-5.5) at Redskins

If you want to talk smack about these picks or simply cheer Jake Roberts on, you can follow him on Twitter at JakeSnakeDDT. Also be sure to check out his podcast on YouTube, Snake Radio (warning: explicit language).

Lastly, we usually leave you with a classic clip from Jake "The Snake's" past. But not this time.

In past weeks, we've brought up how Jake has fought back from addiction and other obstacles to turn his health -- and, really, his life -- back around from what had been a pretty dire situation. We've also mentioned in passing that Jake's personal goal -- should WWE extend the invitation -- is to earn himself a comeback appearance at January's Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

This past weekend, Jake -- several pounds lighter and a whole lot healthier -- stepped into the ring to shake off a little more of the ring rust. Have a look.

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