NFL Week 14 Celebration Grades: Jack Doyle's pathetic snow angel gets an 'F'

We've got yet another Monday on our hands, which means we're fresh off another slate of NFL action filled with player celebrations that are just begging for over-analytical breakdowns. It's time for our weekly celebration grades, so let's get to work.  

Jack Doyle's snow angel

Sunday's Colts-Bills game was a hilarious spectacle thanks to a big ol' blizzard moving through the area during the contest. Although the heavy snow limited the offensive production a bit, Indianapolis tight end Jack Doyle decided to use it to his advantage after scoring a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. At least that was his plan.

Unfortunately, the execution on Doyle's snow angel was pretty pathetic. He hit the deck and did just a single snow angel motion before getting up and heading to the sideline. That's a disgrace to the classic art of snow angels. If you're going to get in the snow, you've got to commit and put in the work, Jack. Doyle should be ashamed of himself...what a quitter. 

Grade: F

Ride 'em, cowboy

Leonard Fournette has been the Jaguars' workhorse on offense for much of this season and, this Sunday, he played the role of actual horse after Keelan Cole's touchdown catch. Cole hopped on Fournette's back and held on tight as Fournette galloped through the end zone. It was a fun little celebration but I'd like to see more enthusiasm out of Cole to sell the routine a bit more. Maybe he was just winded after scoring a 75-yard TD, but he appeared awfully sedated and that will cost him style points. 

Grade: C-

Funchess works on his short game 

Devin Funchess broke out an imaginary putter and put in a little work on his short game after his touchdown against the Vikings on Sunday. Some people speculated that Funchess was celebrating the recent resurgence of Tiger Woods, but I hope not because his impression needs a little work, especially when it comes to the fist pump. Maybe Funchess was just celebrating the fact that the Panthers, who came away with a huge win against Minnesota, are looking like they may get to put off real golfing for a while. 

Grade: C

Josh Gordon's "hater blockas"

Cleveland Browns star receiver Josh Gordon had a promising performance in his season debut (and first game in over 1000 days) last week, and he followed that up with another solid showing on Sunday against the Packers. Gordon caught his first touchdown of the year in the opening quarter and he celebrated by heading to the sidelines and rocking a pair of "hater blockas", presumably to remind everyone who doubted him that his star still shines pretty bright. Sure, it's a pretty cocky move, but Gordon isn't really known for subtlety and his talent allows him to get away with it. Plus, you sort of need to own hater blockas if you play for the Factory of Sadness that is the Cleveland Browns. 

Grade: C+

Dead fish

If you've ever messed around with EA Sports' FIFA video games, you'll likely recognize this celebration from Baltimore's Chris Moore. The wide receiver combined two celebrations featured in FIFA -- the windmill arm celebration into the dead fish flop -- and he hit them both pretty excellently. We now have a pretty good idea how he spends his free time. 

Grade: B

Eagles' Flying V

The Eagles have had great team celebrations all year long and they showed off another on Sunday in Los Angeles. After a Brent Celek touchdown in the first quarter, the tight end led a "Flying V" through the end zone and it was a pretty great idea for the birds of Philly. The execution could have been a little tighter, which will cost them some points here. It appears that nobody included the offensive linemen in the planning of the celebration, as a couple of them looked quite lost and it threw off the formation a little bit. Also, Alshon Jeffery's flight path led him to collide with an official in the end zone and he's gotta have better awareness than that. 

Grade: B+ 

Westbrook's wind-up toy

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wideout Dede Westbrook scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday and he had quite the celebration at the ready. The former Oklahoma Sooner took the form of a wind-up toy, cranking his arm and then setting off a wild sequence of leg kicks that turned him into some sort of running man. Points go to Marqise Lee for trying to join in but there's no way he anticipated Westbrook's celebration to be so hilariously weird. Instead, Lee just transitioned into a hype man on the fly and it kinda worked. Congratulations to Westbrook for setting the bar pretty high. 

Grade: A-

The Bills win in OT

While I believe you have to be a little bit insane to sit through an aggressive snow storm to watch the Bills take on the Colts, we already know Bills Mafia are a special kind of breed. They're loyal almost to a fault, but their faith ultimately paid off on Sunday when Buffalo managed to win late in overtime on a Shady McCoy touchdown run. After the game-winning score, the Bills headed over to the stands and many of them celebrated with the fans, which was pretty awesome to see. There may not have been any choreographed dance or organized celebration, but an OT celebration that rewards the fierce loyalty of fans is more memorable than almost any pre-planned celly. The Bills and the Buffalo fans did good on Sunday. 

Grade: A

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