Las Vegas Raiders v New England Patriots
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It's the 15th NFL Sunday of the 2020 season and we're keeping you updated on all the action and biggest storylines throughout the day. The Week 15 slate has some fantastic matchups and storylines that we can't wait to watch unfold. Check back often to find everything you need to know.



Chargers 30, Raiders 27 (Recap)


Bills 48, Broncos 19 (Recap)
Packers 24, Panthers 16 (Recap)


Dolphins 22, Patriots 12 (Recap)
Bears 33, Vikings 27 (Recap)
Titans 46, Lions 25 (Recap)
Ravens 40, Jaguars 14 (Recap)
Colts 27, Texans 20 (Recap)
Buccaneers 31, Falcons 27 (Recap)
Seahawks 20, Washington 15 (Recap)
Cowboys 41, 49ers 33 (Recap)
Cardinals 33, Eagles 26 (Recap)
Jets 23, Rams 20 (Recap)
Chiefs 32, Saints 29 (Recap)
Browns at Giants, 8:20 p.m. ET (GameTracker)


Steelers at Bengals, 8:15 p.m. ET (Preview)

Brees marched down the field

Drew Brees didn't play his best game in his return to action, but he saved his best for last. When the Saints needed it most, Brees marched them down the field and completed the drive with a perfectly-thrown back-shoulder TD.

Earlier on the drive, he completed a fourth-and-two with a 21-yard hole shot to Jared Cook.

What can't the Chiefs offense do?

An option run play in the red zone? No this is not college football in the 1950s this is the NFL and it's 2020. And this is what Andy Reid dialed up -- a throwback if you will -- but also a play that completely caught the Saints off guard.

How does Hopkins come down with this?!

DeAndre Hopkins is on another level and Kyler Murray knows it. When you see Murray loft one up in Hopkins' direction you know exactly what he expects to happen -- and more times than not -- it does.

Hurts refuses to go down

Jalen Hurts willed his way to an Eagles touchdown with his legs. The man simply refused to go down until he got into the end zone for the game-tying score! 

Early on the drive, the Cardinals forced a fourth-and-6 situation, and once again Hurts found a way to get the first down with his legs.  

The margin of error is so small 

What an improbable play for the Chiefs! Patrick Mahomes rolled to his left, opposite of his throwing shoulder, when he flipped his hips around and launched a corner route to Mecole Hardman. Somehow, some way, Hardman tapped his feet in the back of the en zone and secured the catch for the score.

Wild ending to Saints-Chiefs half

In what might be the wildest ending to a half we've had all week, the Saints nearly turned a Chiefs punt return into a touchdown. Instead, they botched the recovery and it resulted in a safety. Of course, after the safety, the Saints didn't have enough time to then This is one of the weirdest finishes we've seen.

Goff finds Woods for the score

The Rams fell behind by 17 points at one point but are mounting a comeback with the help of big-time plays from Robert Woods, including this score.

Larry really is a legend

Larry Fitzgerald will go down as one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game and plays like this one are exactly why. It looked a lot like Kyler Murray had nothing open but that wasn't the case with Fitzgerald on the field. Murray threw it in his direction and Fitz did the rest.

Cardinals special teams come to play

The Arizona Cardinals are fighting for one of the remaining playoff spots and they'll need everything they can get from their offense, defense and special teams. They got the latter in the first half when they blocked a punt to set themselves up for a short score.

Murray makes em' miss

Kyler Murray looks like a running back when he gets into open space -- specifically in the red zone. This Eagles defender simply had no chance!

Jets strike first

The Jets came to play! After forcing a three-and-out, they scored on their opening drive with a nice play out of the backfield by Sam Darnold to Ty Johnson.

Brady to Brown, finally

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown finally connected for their long-awaited long touchdown. Brown showed off why he still has that trademark burst on this long TD. And of course, Brady put the ball right over the top with a nice toss.

Wild sequence in Texans-Colts ending

Deshaun Watson nearly willed his Texans to a victory. Houston needed a late drive and they got one. Watson found Keke Coutee over the middle and as the receiver tried to score on the play, the football got knocked loose and ultimately recovered in the end zone for a touchback by the Colts. What a wild ending!

Watson sets a new career high

Deshaun Watson hasn't exactly caught a lot of breaks this season between the injuries along his offensive line, losing his No. 1 WR Will Fuller to suspension and a change at head coach, but he has rallied for the Texans once again. Watson found his new favorite target Keke Coutee for the score to tie the game up for Houston.

Dalton finds Dalton

Andy Dalton connected with another Dalton -- Dalton Schultz -- and the Cowboys tight end did the rest. Rumbling, stumbling, and bumbling -- well not much of the latter -- as he powered his way into the end zone.

Hyde goes 50 yards to the house

Carlos Hyde for the long TD? Yup. That's him. Look at the hole Hyde got here against the previously stingy 49ers defense. 

Air Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill used to be a wide receiver before he converted to quarterback. And he showed off exactly why on this 17-yard TD run for the Titans. Tannehill got the edge and then leaped four feet forward to reach the football through the goalline before his foot tapped out of bounds. This was picture perfect.

Ridley taps both feet in

Calvin Ridley is one of the NFL's most underrated receivers and he continues to prove why. Look at the way Ridley works his way back to the football here, giving Matt Ryan an option, and then making sure he gets both feet in.

Vicious Henry stiff-arm alert

Derrick Henry is arguably the best stiff-arm artist in the NFL. Just kidding -- he is the best! You have to feel bad for these defenders who are trying to tackle the man.

Tannehill dials up a deep ball

When you hear Ryan Tannehill and deep passing touchdown you probably think A.J. Brown, but it's 2020, and former first-round pick Corey Davis has finally realized his potential and he was on the receiving end of a bomb to give the Titans a lead they only temporarily relinquished against the Lions.

Taylor's nasty jump cut for the TD

It took some time for Jonathan Taylor to live up to his hype, but over the last two weeks, he has been fully engaged in the game plan and he has been showing off exactly why the Colts drafted him so high. Look at this nasty jump cut by Taylor on the TD here. To have that kind of elusiveness, at that size? It's unfair.

Henry doing Henry things

Derrick Henry is unstoppable normally, but that's especially true in December. His December splits over the last few seasons are outstanding. He got the Titans on the board first with an excellent red zone scamper for the score.

Tua and the Dolphins are very short-handed

Earlier this week, the expectation was that Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins would have all hands on deck for their first meeting with defensive mastermind Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. That, of course, is not the case in Week 15. On Sunday, when the inactives list dropped, there were multiple surprises in Miami. The Dolphins will be without both of their top two offensive playmakers and Tua's best weapons in WR DeVante Parker and TE Mike Gesicki. Making matters worse, they will also be without WR Jakeem Grant. WR/RB hybrid Lynn Bowden saw a flurry of targets last week and could be in line for another high-volume game.