When you're a kid, playing in the snow is one of the best things ever. When you're an NFL player trying desperately to win on the road, and with a shot at the division crown on the line, it isn't so much. That's what the Dallas Cowboys will be up against in their Week 17 trip to East Rutherford, New Jersey to face the New York Giants, with the winner of the regular season finale having a chance at stealing away the NFC East title from the Washington Football Team. Much to the liking of the Giants, who are no strangers to playing in the cold and snow, flakes have already begun to fall at MetLife Stadium -- only hours ahead of kickoff.

For the Cowboys, a team entering as narrow favorites but routinely play in the comfort of a voluntarily covered AT&T Stadium, it might create some complications.

Weather has been known to be a great neutralizer in the NFL, and that might be the story again today.

Both sides are already dealing with their own set of handicaps entering the contest, but the Cowboys are coming off of a beatdown of the Philadelphia Eagles in which Andy Dalton and the wide receiving unit had a field day. It'll be tougher for the passing attack to take root in snow, and even if the flakes stop falling, there's the rain and wind to contend with. The prediction for Sunday's matchup is a 90 percent chance of precipitation at around kickoff, per The Weather Channel, tapering off before ratcheting back up to as much as 80 percent or more during the game, with winds steady at 10 mph. 

Given the fact the temperatures are set to be in the mid-30s, the precipitation could arrive in the form of snow -- as you see above -- rain or a wintry mix.

In any event, it'll likely impact the game plan for both teams, concluding a week that saw both already impacted by COVID-19 issues and a season that's been nothing short of a wild ride in the division. That said, it only makes sense that Mother Nature would get her kicks in as well before it's all said and done.