NFL Week 2 as told by tweets

Each Sunday we'll recap the week that was in the NFL with the top tweets from across Twitter. 

The theme from Week 2? More great finishes. Missed kicks, late touchdowns, and bone-headed penalties dominated a wild Sunday in the NFL.

First up, despite a 24-23 victory, Michael Vick took an utter beating. Again.

Yes, he even had to hit someone.

Despite Eli Manning's three interceptions, he faired a little better than Vick.

The Patriots and Cardinals went down to the wire as well. New England attempted a game-winning field goal. The result:

In the department of game-winning field goals...

In other news, Adam Jones is doing positive things. Yes, that Adam Jones.

In that same game (a Bengals 34-27 win), Trent Richardson scored his first career touchdown.

Speaking of Jim Brown...

The Steelers crushed the Jets who obliterated the Bills who demolished the Chiefs. So just how bad is Kansas City?


The Redskins look like they could be the league's most entertaining and talked about team this season. Robert Griffin III should mostly take credit for that.

But RG3's teammate, Josh Morgan, stole the show (in a bad way).

This is now a thing.

Quick hits:

Does this next tweet surprise anyone?

Dear Jimmy Graham, YOLO is reserved for teenagers half your age.

Said perfectly:

Good point:

This probably qualifies as a shot at Santonio Holmes and the replacement referees.

Speaking of which...making fun of the referees became much easier this week.

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