Style points may not show up on the box score, but they do in our weekly NFL celebration grades. Showmanship is as much an art as football itself, so it's important to appreciate the celebratory displays that we'll see every weekend during the NFL season. It's also important to roast the players who clearly need to work on their celly game. 

It was a solid Week 5 in the style department. Here's what we've got:

Chiefs' tip drill

A lot of people seemed to enjoy this joint effort from the Chiefs, but I gotta tell you ... it didn't really do much for me. It took them a bit too long to get it going, then the execution was rather sloppy. Plus, this is NOTHING like the Nelly music video. But I will say I did enjoy the catch/spike combo to finish it off. Grade: C

David Moore dance team

I honestly have no idea what this celebration was, and it took a while for it to really get anywhere. I wasn't very impressed by the whole dancing circle situation going on, but at least David Moore and Ricardo Lockette had a decently strong finish with whatever they were doing in there. Seriously, I have no idea what this was. Grade: C

Cassius Marsh karate

This is a big week for fighting-inspired celebrations (more on that later). Cassius Marsh's karate-inspired sack celebration wasn't the biggest one of the day, but it was still pretty well-executed. It's important to keep yourself in check and not get too ambitious with most sack dances, and Marsh managed to be quick and creative with this one. Points! Grade: B

The miracle of life

We already know JuJu Smith-Schuster loves the celebration game and he brings his best whenever he can, so we've come to expect good things from him in the end zone. He caught us a bit off-guard on Sunday when he dropped to the turf and pretended to give birth to a football, though. Really can't say I saw that one coming, but it was pretty funny nonethleless. He may be interpreting "ball is life" a bit too literally though. Grade: B

Patrick Chung goes full 'Mortal Kombat'

While Cassius Marsh's karate display was good, Patrick Chung's "Mortal Kombat" showcase was great. Sure, he had pretty excellent form on the "Karate Kid" crane kick, but the celebration was really put over the top by the participation from Duron Harmon, who executed the "Mortal Kombat" wobble to perfection before pretending to get finished by Chung's kick. A teammate who is willing to sacrifice himself and get KO'd for the sake of a great celebration is a true sign of the "one for all" mentality you need to be a champion. Grade: A

Linval Joseph gets his oxygen

The only thing better than the pure joy that a Big Man Touchdown brings is a Big Man Touchdown being followed by an outstanding Big Man Celebration. After Linval Joseph's 64-yard pick-six on Sunday, he went to the sidelines and became a legend by doing this:

Sure, it's not an elaborate or choreographed celebration. Some might say it's barely a celebration at all. But show me a 325-pound man who just ran 64 yards and immediately headed to the sidelines to get his gas station sunglasses and a heaping serving of oxygen and I will show you a hero. Grade: A+

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