NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

We're back on track after sweeping all seven of our teaser options last week, and our Chargers-Lions play pushed the Teaser of the Week up to 5-1-1. We also cautioned against several teaser options that may have looked pretty good on the surface, like the Bears and Raiders.

I've done the legwork of going through all the lines as of Tuesday night and identifying the best teasing opportunities. Below, I've ranked all the sides I think are in play for teasers this week, considering only the standard six-point teasers. You can take the top two options and put them together for my Teaser of the Week, or you can be bold and try and hit a bigger payout.

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Ranking teaser options

1. Packers -0.5 vs. Vikings

The Vikings have shown their intention to play for the future by trading away Yannick Ngakoue, which will hamper their ability to get any pressure on Aaron Rodgers in this matchup. I can't see them going into Green Bay and getting a win against a very good Packers squad. This one should be in a vast majority of teasers this week.

2. Titans PK at Bengals

The Titans lost their first game of the year last week against the Steelers but did a great job of rallying back, and I don't think there's any reason to be concerned about them moving forward. The Bengals have several veterans trying to force their way out of town, and I don't see how their defense slows down the Titans much in this game. While I'd be worried laying the six on the current spread with Joe Burrow's backdoor cover potential, I love teasing the Titans down and just needing them to win.

3. Steelers +9.5 at Ravens

This line has crashed down after opening at Ravens -6, and when that happens, there's always a risk teasing back the other way, because what if the oddsmakers were right and the market is wrong? But it's hard to picture a scenario where one of these teams blows out the other, since this is a matchup between two of the best teams in the league who know each other well.

4. Buccaneers -4.5 at Giants

This is not a great teaser number, but I don't know the scenario where this Giants team plays well enough to keep a game against one of the Super Bowl favorites within one score. The Bucs offense should be able to pick apart the Giants pass defense, while the Bucs defense has shut down much better offenses than this.

5. Raiders +8.5 at Browns

The Raiders struggled against a great Bucs team last week, but they've shown they're at worst an average team over the first half of the season. That should be enough to stay within one score of a Browns team that's now without one of their top playmakers in Odell Beckham.

6. 49ers +9 at Seahawks

The Seahawks don't have a defense that lets them blow out many teams; in fact, their only double-digit win of the season came all the way back in Week 1 against what's turned out to be a terrible Falcons team. The 49ers seem to be hitting their stride after beating the Rams and dismantling the Patriots. Expect another close game here.

7. Dolphins +10 vs. Rams

This one's a little risky with Tua Tagovailoa making his first start; hence, its spot near the bottom of these rankings. But the Dolphins defense has played really well for most of the season, and the Rams are in a brutal spot traveling coast to coast after playing on Monday night. The Dolphins could certainly win this game, and at the very least, I don't see them losing by much.

8. Broncos +9 vs. Chargers

I almost kicked this to the next section, but I do like the Broncos here if you're looking for another teaser option aside from the ones above. The Denver defense has played well despite the injuries that unit has had to overcome, and the Chargers don't win a lot of blowouts.

Lines to avoid teasing

Falcons at Panthers (-2.5)

You would only tease the Falcons side, but I want no part of them after their latest brutal loss. The Panthers are a much better squad and could definitely blow out a bad opponent at home on Thursday night.

Colts (-2.5) at Lions

The Lions seem like a nice teaser team off back-to-back wins, but they both came against one-win squads and the one this past week was by the skin of their teeth. A good Colts team with a good coach is coming off a bye with two weeks to prepare. I wouldn't be shocked to see them get out to a big lead early and play shutdown defense to keep the Lions from rallying back.

Jets at Chiefs (-19.5)

Yes, the Chiefs are probably safe to tease. But there isn't much value in getting -13.5 instead of -19.5. If you like the Chiefs, just lay the points.

Patriots at Bills (-3.5)

I want to say the Patriots are a safe teaser team here, especially with the Bills defense continuing to struggle in non-Jets matchups. But the Patriots offense that has shown up the last two weeks has been objectively terrible, and I can't rule out them failing to put up enough points to keep this one close.

Saints (-4) at Bears

No one is teasing the Bears this week, and I wouldn't tease the Saints through zero. So this one is going to be a pass.

Cowboys at Eagles (OFF)

If Andy Dalton is ruled out then the Eagles should be around 7.5-point favorites, and if we can get them anywhere up to 8.5, I like teasing them through three in this game. That D-line should feast on the Cowboys' patchwork O-line.