NFL Week 9 as told by Twitter: Adrian Peterson can't be stopped

Adrian Peterson somehow scored a touchdown on this play.
Adrian Peterson somehow scored a touchdown on this play. (USATSI)

On a weekly basis, Adrian Peterson reminds NFL fans why he's the undisputed best running back in football. In Week 9, Peterson rumbled for 140 yards with the single most impressive being this 11-yard touchdown. Twitter users reacted appropriately.

Amazingly, winless Tampa Bay almost knocked off Seattle in what would have been one of the most shocking results of the season. The Bucs used an unexpected play from running back Mike James.

Washington continues to face opposition to its nickname. This tweet sums the debate up.

In unrelated Redskins news...

It appears Larry Fitzgerald spent his bye week watching very little football.

Tom Brady had one of the best games of his career, but this is all we'll remember about him in Week 9.

Nick Foles had the best game of his career. His critics were oddly quiet.

Things aren't going well for new Falcons running Steven Jackson. Actually, things aren't going well for any Falcons this year.

And the Chargers still lost...

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