NFLPA demands apology from Spirit Airlines for 'pathetic' ad

In the middle of the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin saga last Friday, Spirit Airlines thought it'd be OK to post a $24 sale and advertise it by making light of the Dolphins alleged bullying scandal.

As you can see here:

"Don't  be bullied by high fares," the ad read. "Fly incognito out of Florida or any place for that matter."

Hi-larious, right? Well, the NFLPA doesn't think so.

In a letter written to Spirit president and CEO, Ben Baldanza, obtained by the Huffington Post, the players union scolds the airline for the "distasteful, offensive and pathetic" ad.

"We ask that you immediately remove the ad, issue an apology and provide appropriate training to your staff to ensure nothing like this happens again," write George Atallah (the NFLPA's assistant executive director for external affairs) and Ahmad Nassar (the union's executive vice president and general counsel).

"With an investigation just starting and two individual players' careers being significantly impacted by this situation, now is not the time for Spirit to haphazardly attempt to increase sales by clumsily co-opting players names, team colors and more. Doing so puts Spirit at legal risk, in addition to the general poor taste it exhibits."

The union also suggests the airline donates its proceeds from the sale to the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.

At 8:42 p.m. ET on Thursday, it appeared the Incognito-Martin-bullying sale was over, though. But the airline is offering a "We're not smoking crack" sale that would send passengers to Toronto, the home of mayor Rob Ford.

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