Watch Now: Impact On The Future Of The Quarterback Market (1:42)

NFL players are getting paid, and many are breaking league records with their offseason deals. 

In July, Patrick Mahomes dethroned Russell Wilson as the highest-paid quarterback -- and player -- in the league with a new contract from the Kansas City Chiefs. The 10-year deal worth up to $503 million with incentives is the biggest deal in sports history and the first signing over half a billion dollars.

Christian McCaffrey, star running back on the Carolina Panthers, is taking home an average of $16 million a year, with $38 million guaranteed. Another player seeing dollar signs is Todd Gurley, who signed an extension through 2023 with the defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams worth $60 million that includes a $20 million signing bonus. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the highest-paid players by position by average salary in the NFL:


  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Average annual salary: $45 million
  • Guaranteed: $141.428 million

Running back

  • Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers
  • Average annual salary: $16 million
  • Guaranteed: $38 million

Wide receiver

Tight end

Offensive lineman


Defensive lineman


  • Eddie Jackson, Chicago Bears
  • Average annual salary: $14.6 million
  • Guaranteed: $33 million