Nick Chubb is embracing the potential of a backfield with Kareem Hunt, even if it hinders his opportunity at clinching a rushing title this season -- which would be the first for a Cleveland Browns running back since 1968. That's a small sacrifice for a potential playoff appearance for the Browns, which would be the first for the franchise in 18 years. If the Browns are to snap the NFL's longest postseason drought, it rides on the shoulders of Chubb and Hunt. Getting both players the football is a scenario the Browns are wiling to embrace. 

"I hope it can be," Chubb said on splitting carries with Hunt Thursday. "I know our coaches are going to do a great job and find ways to get us on the field together. It is a coach's decision, but I hope we can do that."

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski showcased a two-back system with the Minnesota Vikings last year, as Dalvin Cook had 52.5% of the team's carries (Cook also missed two games last season). Based on how Stefanski runs his offense, the multiple-back scenario is certainly in play. 

"We want to make sure we are multiple and versatile," Stefanski said. "Could I see a scenario like that? Sure. Could I see a scenario with four tight ends and a receiver? You have to go into every game with the mindset of whatever personnel you think may cause some conflict to the defense, you do that. I do not want to overstate it, and also, it is hard to speculate right now just not being in gameplan mode just yet."

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Chubb finished second in the league in rushing last season and actually ended his 2019 season as the league's rushing leader, only to watch Derrick Henry pass him as the Tennessee Titans played later on Sunday in Week 17. The chances of earning a rushing title are slim with Hunt -- a former rushing champion himself -- in the same backfield, also potentially hurting Chubb's chances at getting premium running back money with Cleveland. 

"I see it. I know it is happening. I am aware of it, but I am just focusing on this team right now," Chubb said. "I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. Whatever happens for me, it will be for the best I believe so I am just trying to get better every day here and not worry about the future."