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For the second time in two days, one of the Cleveland Browns' stars has publicly professed a desire to remain in Cleveland for the long haul. Cornerback Denzel Ward said Tuesday that in a perfect world, he'd be in Cleveland for his entire career.  

Not to be out-Cleveland-ed, running back Nick Chubb said the same, expressing a desire for his agent and the team to work out a long-term extension.

"It would mean a lot," Chubb said at mandatory minicamp, per the Associated Press. "Cleveland drafted me however many years ago it was and trusted me and put their faith in me to come here and help build this culture. 

"I feel like Cleveland is where I want to be and hopefully, everything can work out in that direction."

Chubb had an interesting reason for wanting to stay with the Browns, and it wasn't just about football. It's about his personality. 

"I don't like uncertainty and I know here in Cleveland what I have with the players and coaches and just the city of Cleveland," Chubb said. "I don't know how things would be anywhere else. Cleveland is where I want to be and that's my main focus, just being here in."

Chubb has the benefit of running behind one of the NFL's best offensive lines, and in a run-friendly offensive system. But success on the field is not necessarily all that matters when it comes to contract discussions. And for Chubb, it appears, it might not even be the most important thing.