Nick Foles is in the middle of one of the most surreal Super Bowl runs in recent memory. He came on as a full-time starter in Week 15 after Carson Wentz was injured for the season, and since then he's won four of five games, the only loss coming in a meaningless Week 17 matchup. However, there's no illusion in Philadelphia: Wentz is starting next year, and there's an expiration date on Foles' time with the Eagles.

Foles signed a five-year contract with the Eagles, but it had one major caveat. If he is on the Eagles' roster come February 2019, the final three years of the deal will automatically be voided and he'll become a free agent. Voiding contracts aren't entirely uncommon; this one almost guarantees that Foles will be traded by February 2019.

Ironically, Wentz's injury is enormously beneficial for the Eagles in this respect. Foles has dramatically increased his stock in the past five games, and after shredding the Vikings' defense the way he did it's only going up. He's now a much more valued trade prospect, and a team getting 3-4 years out of Foles at this level would be well worth a deal. Of course, Foles would need to stay at this level.

The league is reactionary to quarterback play. Matt Flynn got a big contract out of one great game, Joe Flacco got a big deal out of an admittedly historic playoff run, and now the Eagles might net a nice prize for Foles. People can debate all they want about how responsible Foles is for this run, but quarterbacks get the spoils. It's the only part of an NFL team outside of head coach that wins and losses get assigned to, fairly or unfairly.

The Eagles worked the contract this way to prorate Foles' $3 million signing bonus over a five-year span, reducing his cap hit. It also allowed Foles to not have to worry about riding the bench until Wentz gets hurt. The total value of the deal was $27.5 million over five years. Over the next three years of the deal, Foles' contract would be worth $5.5 million per year, plus the $600,000 signing bonus.

Although some teams may dismiss this as a flash-in-the-pan run, some QB-needy team may still jump at the chance to lock Foles up at that price. He's also proven that he's a perfectly serviceable nuclear option if a starter goes down, if a team decides to go that route.

Either way, the Eagles may decide to keep Foles as a backup for the 2018 season, depending on how much faith they have in Wentz staying healthy (and depending on how their offseason goes in restocking for another Super Bowl run). But if a team is heavily affected by Foles' performance in these playoffs, there's a good chance we'll hear about the Eagles fielding offers sooner rather than later to reward Foles for his resurgence.