Nick Saban doesn't care for your Dee Milliner-Darrelle Revis comparisons

Nick Saban doesn't strike us as a patient man when it comes to dealing with the press. That stereotype was heartily reinforced on Friday, when we read about Saban's reaction to being asked how Dee Milliner would replace Darrelle Revis.

On the second Revis-related question from Don Kausler of, Saban made it clear that any further questioning along those lines would not end well.

"I think Dee will just try to be himself," Saban said. "I can already tell the tone of what you all are doing. What's Revis got to do with Dee Milliner coming here? Just let Dee Milliner be Dee Milliner. Let Dee Milliner play like Dee Milliner plays. Whether Revis used to play there or not, what's that got to do with Dee Milliner?

"Why do you want to make comparisons and make it like a circumstance for the guy before he ever gets a chance to go on the field?"

If you've ever watched a Saban press conference, you can almost picture the change in facial expressions taking place as he realizes the road the reporter is going down.

Saban also added that he believes "Dee has a vision for the kind of player that he wants to be" and that he thinks Milliner will "be a very, very good player for a long time."

Maybe he's right. Milliner could be a very good player. And more important, maybe it's unfair to compare Milliner to Revis.

Revis, after all, didn't walk onto the field at the NFL level and absolutely dominate. He didn't really blossom until after Rex Ryan started coaching in New York. That's when he became REVIS.

But, at the same time, we're talking about the NFL and Jets fans here. It's an impatient business, and they're some of the most impatient fans out there. Milliner won't be Revis right off the bat, and if Revis is healthy and picking off passes for the Buccaneers (especially if they are Mark Sanchez or David Garrard or Tim Tebow or Greg McElroy or Geno Smith passes in Week 1), it's only going to rile up Jets fans even more.

So, um, keep calm and trust Nick Saban?

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