Nike unveils new NFL uniforms; Seahawks get big change to jerseys

Nike unveiled new NFL jerseys on Tuesday. (

NEW YORK -- On Tuesday, Nike unveiled the new NFL jerseys in a much-anticipated event that drew a lot of coverage, featured a lot of star NFL players, but still only saw minimal design changes to most of the uniforms, the Seattle Seahawks excepted.

Seattle is the proverbial guinea pig for the Nike jerseys (the NFL's version of Oregon, perhaps?), making big-time changes to their uniforms in a manner that's quite fitting for a Pete Carroll-coached team.

"Seattle is obviously very innovative," Todd Van Horne, Nike's Creative Director for Football, told "And because of our relationship with them, there's a comfort factor. When we showed them the materials and talked about the performance,  they were obviously willing to be excited and embrace it from a performance standpoint.

"They wanted an opportunity to extend their brand."

Seattle did just that on Tuesday, drawing mostly positive reviews for their new gameday outfits.
Nike went Beast Mode on Seattle's gear. (

Seattle wasn't the only team that got a makeover -- the majority of teams will see some change with their uniform. But Nike and the NFL knew better than to take on a gigantic overhaul of some truly traditional brands.

For instance, Bears fans wouldn't take too kindly to blowing up Chicago's logo and creating a new image for the Bears. Nike didn't try to do that. But they did, Van Horne noted, use smaller changes within the bigger uniform to create subtle changes.

"We're really, really proud about the things we've done," Van Horn said. Everything from the modern look of what the Seahawks want to be to honoring the heritage of the Chicago Bears and bringing back the size and scale of the GSH stripe and really honoring that tradition in a different way.

"So we really respected the past and also had opportunities to really represent the future."
Urlacher rocking the new Bears uniform. (Will Brinson,

In the spirit of our wonderful commenters not yelling at me any more, here's some more pics:
Washington rocks the new Titans uni. (Nike)

All three of the Panthers new uniforms. (@Panthers)

Orakpo rocking the new Skins look. (Will Brinson,

Vick preps for an interview. (Will Brinson,

The newest member of the Rams. (Will Brinson,

Chancellor digs the new Hawks look. (Will Brinson,

Smith's 49ers kept a similar look. (Will Brinson,

Williams rocks the new logo. (Will Brinson,
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