NJ Governor Chris Christie: 'My favorite team is the Cowboys'

Cowboys fan Chris Christie didn't mind holding the Giants Lombardi Trophy. (USATSI)
Cowboys fan Chris Christie didn't mind holding the Giants' Lombardi Trophy. (USATSI)

Current New Jersey governor and potential presidential hopeful Chris Christie is very much at the center of the NFL landscape for the coming year, what with the Super Bowl about to go down in his jurisdiction.

But his constituents might not be thrilled with what he had to say at a recent appearance at Samsel Upper Elementary School (via NFL.com) when he was asked by a youngster what his favorite sports teams are. Hint: He doesn't like the Jets or Giants.

"My favorite basketball team is the New York Knicks, which has been a bit of a frustrating enterprise but the last couple years they've had some good seasons. My favorite baseball team is the New York Mets," Christie said before receiving a slew of Bronx cheers. "The last answer is one of the things that gets all of my political advisors nervous ... My favorite football team is not the New York Giants, it's not the New York Jets and it's not the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Get ready now: My favorite football team [is] the Dallas Cowboys. Which, by the way, is not the smartest thing for the governor of New Jersey to want to be, is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys."

Aaaand cue the anger from the denizens of New York, New Jersey and the greater Tri-State Area. Christie only answers to New Jersey, technically, but his decision to root for Jerry Jones' crew still won't sit well, particularly with Giants fans, who have a hated rivalry with the boys from Big D.

But at least hear Christie out -- he claims to have a reason for his bandwagon-y football fandom.

"I was a big fan when I was your age," he told the kids. "I was a big fan of Roger Staubach, who was the quarterback for the Cowboys back then. The Giants and the Jets pretty much stunk when I was a kid and my father was a Giants fan. I used to remember watching him when I was eight, nine years old and every Sunday he would watch the Giants and yell at the TV set. I used to think to myself, 'Why would I want to root for a team that makes you angry?'"

Now, this is a somewhat logical explanation. Christie ended up rooting for the Cowboys because they were the best team around when he was a kid. But at the same time, that's pretty bad, right? Why would I want to root for a team that makes you angry?

That's like 99 percent of sports, man. And who says that as a Mets fan? Has the governor not been watching the Mets for most of his life? Did he not see how they lost Matt Harvey's no-hitter on Tuesday? Because this is baseball's version of the buttfumble, buddy:

Anyway, whatever. Christie can have his precious multi-state fanhood. Besides, by the time 2016 rolls around and the Texas electoral votes start rolling in for Big D's Big Fan, you can bet his decision to be a Cowboys fan won't irk his political advisors anymore.

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