Not even Brandon Marshall can defend Fitzpatrick

Not long ago, Brandon Marshall said he would go down with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ship.

With that vessel long since sunk, the wide receiver seems to have acknowledged that fact.

“The reality is, we’re not a good football team right now,” he said after Monday night’s 28-3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, a vastly outmatched and unwatchable performance.

This team has come a long way since Marshall said it was in a “perfect position” to shock the football world and make a major playoff push. Being in the league as long as Marshall has and not making the playoffs in all that time can take its toll on you.

Marshall did look good at times in the game, his highlight coming on a 36 yard advance in the first half, but he was also the target on Fitzpatrick’s interception in the end zone, a play for which the wideout took the blame, but in truth the quarterback was to blame for his 11th turnover.

“I was shocked when we were 1-2,” Marshall said Monday. How must he feel now?

He’s been the Jets’ cheerleader this whole season, but there’s nothing left to cheer for.

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