Now with the Redskins, Landon Collins is refusing to mention the Giants, his former team, by name

Don't expect Landon Collins to talk about the New York Giants much this year. Or it may be more appropriate to say don't expect Landon Collins to talk about the New York G***** much this year. 

The former Giants safety wasn't re-signed by the club this offseason, leading him to ink a six-year, $84 million deal ($44.5 million guaranteed) with the Washington Redskins in March. After spending the first four years of his career in New York, the 25-year-old is turning the page...and he's doing so in rather petty fashion.

His former club is now they-who-must-not-be-named.

During an interview with a D.C. radio station this week, Collins referenced the Giants as "the other team I was on." That remark didn't go unnoticed by Chris Lingebach, one of the show's hosts, who followed up by asking if the omission was intentional. 

Judging by Collins' response, it seems as though it was a conscious decision. 

"It's no point," Collins said. "It's no point in saying their name."

Well okay then. Maybe Collins is a tad bitter he wasn't appreciated more during his time in New York, or maybe contract negotiations didn't go the way he had hoped. Maybe his departure left a little sour taste in his mouth and he has no interest in bringing it back up. Or maybe he's just having a good time. 

In any case, his Giants erasure adds a pinch of spice to the Redskins-Giants rivalry. Although perhaps there's some irony in his refusal to say one of those team names and it not being Washington's. 

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