Odell Beckham has been at the center of controversy since his first year in the NFL, having numerous temper tantrums during games that have, at times, overshadowed his play on the field. Beckham was held to just two catches for 20 yards on seven targets, both of which came when the Browns had the game well in hand, in a 40-25 win over the Baltimore Ravens

The All-Pro wide receiver was frustrated with Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who shadowed Beckham throughout the game. The Ravens allowed 530 yards, but Humphrey made sure Beckham wasn't able to do his part. In the second half, Beckham had enough of Humphrey, taking a swing at him as the two took each other down to the grass. During the skirmish, Humphrey had Beckham's throat in a chokehold

There were four personal fouls for unnecessary roughness on the play, by Beckham and JC Tretter drew flags for Cleveland and Humphrey and Tavon Young did for Baltimore. The penalties offset as Beckham didn't hurt his team, even in a one-score game (Nick Chubb scored a touchdown later in the drive). 

Beckham took a calm approach after the win, telling NFL Network's Mike Garafolo: "I'm just upset I lost my earring."

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens wasn't as subtle. 

"I saw what you saw," Kitchens said, via ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. "He was getting choked on the ground. They get away with that because it's Odell. I'm going to be on the phone with Al (Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating) when I get on the bus."

Humphrey didn't hold back regarding whether Beckham apologized for the incident. 

"I don't think he did," Humphrey said. "But I definitely told the refs he should've been ejected. It is what it is. Emotions flare."

While Beckham didn't make a major impact in the game, the Browns had plenty of players that contributed. Chubb had 165 yards and three touchdowns on the ground, while Jarvis Landry had eight catches for 167 yards, 126 of which came in the first half. 

For the first time in Beckham's career, his attitude didn't affect the outcome of the game ... a welcome change from outbursts over the previous five seasons in New York.