Odell Beckham threw a big hissy fit, started crying and the Redskins mocked him

Odell Beckham is known for playing football with a lot of passion. He tends to get really riled up, particularly when he squares off against Josh Norman.

The intensity is only ratcheted up now that Norman is on the Redskins. And it showed Sunday, as Beckham really let himself get lost in a glass case of emotion on the sideline against Washington.

Frustrated after Eli Manning threw a red-zone interception, Beckham went to the sidelines and flipped his mind and decided to attack a kicking net. Be careful Odell: kicking nets have feelings and will fight back.

Beckham was also spotted on the sideline ... crying?

Let's zoom and enhance.

via NFL Broadcast

Yes he was crying.

So, we have Beckham flipping out on the sideline, fighting a kicking net and openly crying on the sidelines. Couldn't possibly get worse than that, right?

Oh no, wait, here are the Redskins to rub it in.

And to top it all off, Eli managed to throw an interception that would seal the game.

So not a great day for Beckham, even though he actually put up pretty good stats. This probably isn't the last he's heard about his sideline antics from fans or the internet.

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