Off the Bench Podcast: Julio Jones' bad contract is his fault; Instagram stuff petty and stupid

The Atlanta Falcons' Organized Team Activities (OTAs) may be voluntary, and Julio Jones may be right to desire a new contract now that he's no longer paid like a top-five NFL wide receiver.

But the former NFL quarterback and co-host of CBS Sports' "Off The Bench" podcast thinks Jones has no one but himself to blame for the situation he's in.

A month after the Pro Bowl wideout deleted all Falcons pictures from his Instagram account, stirring speculation as drastic as a potential trade out of Atlanta, Kanell said on "Off The Bench" that Jones "better be careful" with his "really petty and kind of stupid" social media antics, "because you can lose your fan base really fast if you complain about making $10 million."

CBS Sports' own Sean Wagner-McGough previously noted that Jones, who is now the 12th highest-paid receiver in the league, is "more than in the right to ask for a raise," and the Falcons may just "placate him by giving him a little extra" -- something that doesn't seem out of the question considering Atlanta coach Dan Quinn admitted Tuesday he expects Jones back for June minicamp.

Still, Kanell thinks it's on Jones, the two-time All-Pro, to move on with business as usual.

"You have to finish it out and stay true to your obligation," he said. "And it's not like you're egregiously underpaid. You might be underpaid. But that, again, that was your fault for getting yourself (into this) and signing this contract. He's made a lot of money, and he negotiated this deal. If he can talk the Falcons into bumping it up ... good for him, but to display the level of pettiness that he is by skipping OTAs ... he better be careful."

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