Antonio Brown may be the best wide receiver on the planet, but his dancing isn't quite ready for Canton. At least not in the eyes of the staid and stuffy NFL. Brown punctuated his third quarter touchdown catch like this:

Here's another view:

Great touch down baby!!

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Seems harmless enough, right?

Nope. Brown, according to the official who made the announcement, was flagged for "unsportsmanlike conduct." And while no specifics were offered, it's clear that the league took issue with Brown's gyratin' hips. That's right, the NFL not only frowns upon "sexually suggestive" celebrations, they'll penalize you for it.

If you're so inclined, you can find the relevant passage on page 200 of the NFL bylaws, according to's Eric Edholm. Just be sure you're wearing your chastity belt.

Last season, Broncos pass rusher Von Miller was flagged for his pump-tastic sack dance, which was an homage to Key and Peele.

It bears repeating: Two pumps is perfectly legal during an on-field celebration -- it's three or more pumps that will earn you a flag. Worth mentioning: Miller was fined $11,567 by Rev. Shaw Moore for his dancin' ways. Brown could be next.