Offseason notes: Is Arians playing smoke screen with Cards' QBs?

Chiefs' Albert controls his trade status

Brandon Albert is on the trading block per the wishes of the Chiefs organization, but Albert is more in control of his status than is the club.

Right now, he's on a one-year franchise tag for guaranteed price of $9.8 million. For a team to trade for him they need to pony up for a long-term deal or use $9.8 million of salary cap space. Right now, only 13 teams even have that much space under the salary cap without cutting players or restructuring contracts. If a team traded for him without a long-term deal (highly unlikely), Albert could force the team to use a franchise tag again next year which would hit the salary cap for $11.78 million.

Albert knows he's going to make $21 million over the next two years without agreeing to any contract. The next pressure point regarding an Albert trade is the quality of offensive tackles in this draft. Will teams cough up a five-year deal that averages $8 million to $10 million a season for Albert after the Vikings drafted Matt Kalil last year in the first round -- signing him to a four-year, $20 million deal?

At least four teams will draft an offensive tackle in the first round, taking all of them out of the Brandon Albert sweepstakes.

Plays behind the line of scrimmage

Sacks are great, but making plays behind the line of scrimmage (including sacks and tackles for a loss) tells us more about a defensive player's ability.

Key and diagnose -- or the ability to read the offense and react quickly -- is a part of making negative plays.

Technique, explosion and the ability to close on an opponent are also critical elements. Here's a look at the top 10 players in the draft making plays behind the line of scrimmage and their per game average. Some are from smaller schools, and this list is not a ranking, but does have the best frequency on a per game basis.

Plays Behind Line of Scrimmage/Per Game Average
Jarvis Jones Georgia OLB 28 45.5 73.5 2.16
David Bass Missouri So DE 40.5 56 96.5 1.93
Brandon Williams Missouri So DT 27 52.5 80 1.90
Damontre Moore Texas A&M DE 26.5 45 71.5 1.88
Brandon Jenkins Florida St DE 22.5 37.5 60 1.50
Chris Jones Bowling Green DT 28 46.5 74.5 1.49
Chase Thomas Stanford OLB 27.5 50.5 78 1.47
Bjoern Werner Florida St DE 23.5 35 58.5 1.42
Trevardo Williams U Conn OLB 30.5 40.5 71 1.42
Kwann Short Purdue DT 19.5 49 69 1.38
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