Olivier Vernon says he prefers sacks to sex: 'Sacks are hard to come by'

Life is pretty good for Olivier Vernon. At 25 years old he just landed more than $50 million in guaranteed money on a five-year, $85 million deal from the Giants in free agency.

There is some concern about how that much money will affect a young player like Vernon, who has just 29 sacks in his career.

But maybe there shouldn't be that concern, because Vernon is a big fan of sacks. In fact, he told Steve Serby of the New York Post -- in a very enjoyable Q&A -- he likes sacks better than sex!

Q: Better: sacks or sex?
A: (Laugh) I think sacks, man. Sacks are hard to come by.

You can tell Vernon isn't married with children. 

They ARE harder to come by, though. Only a certain number of people in the history of the world can actually record a sack in professional football.

Being unathletic stops people from recording sacks. Being unattractive never stopped anyone from having intercourse.

Also of note from the interview:

  • The one quarterback Vernon would love to sack? Peyton Manning. That's unfortunate.
  • Tom Brady's been called a "whiner" by some defenders in the last year. Vernon disagrees, calling the Patriots quarterback "tough" -- "I’ve put a couple of licks on him, and he’s tough, man. I remember one time I hit him hard, and he just patted me on my shoulder and he was like, 'Really good hit.'"
  • Vernon was suspended six games while playing for the University of Miami and told Serby it was "probably for eating chicken wings at the game." OK then. 

As you can see below, Vernon has put some good shots on Brady in the past. Tom wasn't joking.

The whole interview is worth a read, mainly because you get some insight into a pretty enjoyable player. But doubly so if you're hoping the Giants' investment turns into the next premiere pash rusher. 

Vernon puts a lick on Brady. (USATSI)
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