Omaha wants you to visit because Peyton Manning says 'Omaha'

In case you didn't know, Peyton Manning likes to say,
In case you didn't know, Peyton Manning likes to say, "Omaha."(USATSI)

In case you weren't paying attention last Sunday, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning used the word "Omaha" to audible on plenty of offensive snaps. Despite the fact that it's been a major part of his on-field verbiage for many years, it's become a topic of conversation this week, because, get this, Omaha is actually the name of a city in the United States of America.

Apparently, Manning used "Omaha" as a pre-snap signal 44 times in the Broncos win vs. the Chargers.

And the city of Omaha would like to honor Manning while continuing to drum up recognition that Omaha could be a nice place to visit (for the record, the best steak I've ever eaten occurred in the Omaha city limits).

Manning also apparently has visited as well.

So, check out the video the Greater Omaha Chamber has sent out, via KETV. It's actually frenetic and kind of fun to watch.

And even better. According to the TV station, Omaha businesses have said they will donate a combined $600 to Manning's charity foundation every time he yells "Omaha" vs. the Patriots.

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