On anniversary of awful fake punt, Pagano is 'encouraged' after Colts' 2-4 start

A year ago, Chuck Pagano tested out the worst fake punt in the history of football. Except, he didn't test out the fake punt at a Tuesday practice. He tested it on national television.

Remember this?

It's fitting that on the anniversary of the most laughable play in the NFL history, Pagano is still doing Pagano things. A day after his team blew a 14-point fourth-quarter lead to the Texans, Pagano said that he's "encouraged" by his team.

"I'm encouraged," Pagano said, per the Indianapolis Star. "You guys probably think I'm crazy, but I'm encouraged."

It's not exactly clear what Pagano is clear about. His team is 2-4 after blowing that game to the Texans. His offensive line can't protect Andrew Luck, who has been sacked a league-high 23 times. His defense ranks 30th in yards allowed per game and 28th in points allowed per game.

Perhaps the only reason to be encouraged? Frank Gore ended the team's 100-yard rusher drought Sunday.

Just kidding. Pagano seems to be happy that his team is competing.

"I think we're a three-quarter team," Pagano said. "We gotta figure out a way to become a four-quarter team.

"We got a group of guys and coaches who care. They'll fight. There's no pity parties in this building. There's no pity parties in football."

Unfortunately for Pagano, the Colts' schedule isn't getting any easier. After traveling to Tennessee this weekend, they get the Packers and Chiefs. They also face the Vikings, Raiders and Steelers down the stretch, and they're already two games back in the AFC South.

Pagano, who barely kept his job after the season, is in need of answers in a hurry. Let's hope those answers don't include anymore fake punts.

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