On this day: The Indianapolis Colts run the worst fake punt in NFL history

Many of you might have woken up this morning thinking that today is just an unassuming Wednesday. How could Oct. 18 possibly be anything besides "the day 13 days before Halloween?" you might ask yourself. But you would be wrong. Oct. 18, 2015, marks the day that the Colts did the most delightfully stupid thing that the NFL had seen to that point and may have seen since. 

Butt fumble? Move aside. Marcus Cooper's fumble at the 1-yard line? Sit down. Because this commemorates the day that the Colts did this:

Why is this the worst play, you ask? Easy. Because it demonstrates incompetence from the top-down. The call to even try this play -- derived the Theater of the Absurd -- in addition to the monumentally stupid decision to snap the ball. The only time this would have worked was if the four Patriots crowding the ball had been so dumbfounded by what they were watching that they just froze.

The unappreciated part of this clip is the referee pointing out that, "The whole right side of the line was not on the line of scrimmage," as if to exaggerate that this play was not in any way acceptable. Bill Belichick's "meh" face while calling to decline the penalty is also a highlight, but that's just Belichick's face.

To be fair to the Colts, according to then-punter Pat McAfee the ball was never supposed to be snapped. They were trying to catch the Patriots subbing their defense back onto the field. It didn't work. Obviously. To Chuck Pagano's credit, he overcame this to still have a job, and that should get its own Hall of Fame plaque.

It's better for the league that this played out as it did. It's a lighter -- if more painful for Colts fans -- place for it.

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