Say what you want about Jay Cutler the quarterback -- lord knows enough has been said already -- but Jay Cutler the reality star is an undeniable talent. 

We found that out on Sunday night with the premiere of E!'s new reality show Very Cavallari, which follows the life of Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari, as she "juggles her roles as a wife, mom, businesswoman and friend as she launches the flagship store for her brand, Uncommon James."

While Cavallari is no stranger to world of reality shows -- she was one of the main stars of MTV's mid-2000s hit "Laguna Beach" -- Cutler is a newcomer to the scene. If the first episode of "Very Cavallari" was any indication, we could be witnessing the birth of a legend in the space.

If you're the kind of person who has been missing Cutler highlights, you got them on Sunday.

Behold, in all his apathetic glory.

The best thing about Jay Cutler has always been that he's unapologetically Jay Cutler, for better or for worse. From his doofy faces and and slobby appearance to the memes they inspired -- most notably the "doooooooooon't care" and Smokin' Jay Cutler ones -- he's something of a working man's hero. He's always sort of seemed like an indifferent middle-aged dad trapped in an athlete's body. 

He's unkempt. His chin is weak and his jawline stinks. He constantly looks like he's about six hours short of a good night's sleep. He's the kind of guy you'd expect to buy gas station sunglasses. His general existence doesn't exude a single care in the world. 

All of that is what makes Jay Cutler "Jay Cutler," and it made him an easy target during his days as an NFL quarterback. (Also, the interceptions.) But it's also what made Cutler a humorous spectacle to watch -- especially when juxtaposed with many of the orderly, fiery, ultra-competitive quarterbacks that exist in today's NFL. 

Now it's what makes him must-see reality TV.

Hyperbole aside, this scene might be the peak of modern pop culture. 

Kristin: "Have you thought about, when you do get bored, what you're going to do?"

Jay: "Yeah -- no."

Kristin: "Okay. Maybe you should."

Jay: "I'm not looking to do a lot of work right now. I'm looking to do the exact opposite of that."

If that's not the American dream, I really don't know what is. He's flaunting it right in our faces. 

Not surprisingly, a good amount of the first episode was spent on Kristin trying her hardest to convince Jay to do consider doing something -- literally anything -- with his life in unofficial retirement. But Cutler's life has always been in a state of unofficial retirement.

And, for your information, he's actually cashing in on his time off by focusing on racing to beat all the other moms to pick up his kids from school.

(Also, shoutout to Jay Cutler for always looking ultra-tired despite owning coffee cups that are as big as his own face.)

He's also been doing some reading.

So, overall, a pretty productive life in retirement so far.

And while Cutler wouldn't "100 percent" rule out a return to football, his small sample of highlight film suggests that everyone might be better off if he continued spending Sundays on E! instead of the football field.