Billy loves listening. (USATSI)

The NFL owners' meetings are convening in Boca Raton, Florida, and part of the process involves a speech to the coaches and owners from Roger Goodell. At least the ones in attendance.

Because one of the people not at the speech from Goodell is Patriots coach Bill Belichick, spotted by Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald walking in the opposite direction of Goodell's speech.

Given how things went with the Patriots last offseason amid the Deflategate scandal, it's not entirely surprising Belichick isn't enthusiastic about hearing Goodell talk.

The Pats are heading into an offseason without a first-round pick as a result of punishment from the league office for something they continue to say they didn't do.

Belichick's quarterback, Tom Brady, is still involved in a lawsuit with the league. It's not shocking it could be an icy relationship.

This is also kind of how Belichick approaches the offseason schedule though. He usually shows up in jeans and flip flops and appears to enjoy most of the required activities about as much as you enjoy a trip to the dentist.

Worth noting: No one is better in the NFL about taking a serious approach to owners' meetings quite like Belichick when it comes to proposing rules and trying to improve the game. 

Just don't expect him to sit through any unnecessary speeches.