One enterprising Saints fan unveils Pete Prisco voodoo doll

One fan created a Pete Prisco voodoo doll. (Twitter)

NEW ORLEANS -- Saints fans have a complicated relationship with's Pete Prisco, and that goes a long way in explaining the Pete Prisco voodoo doll.

Not everybody feels that way, however -- at least for Super Bowl week. Adriana Lopez, writing on, is willing to put aside any differences with Prisco to welcome him (and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!) to New Orleans.

"Last night, New Orleans gained a new perceived enemy -- one visiting our hometown for the week," Lopez wrote this week.  "His name is Pete Prisco from CBS Sports. He mentioned in a tweet, 'I bet the bars in New Orleans that say they wouldn’t serve Goodell would slobber over him if he actually walked into their place.'

"Within seconds, Prisco was accosted on Twitter by several residents, including a local business, a local publication, and executive chef, among several others, placing him on the same 'do not serve list' as Goodell.

"New Orleans, we are better than this," Lopez continued. "I will actually be the first to say that he in no way bashed New Orleans or called out anyone’s integrity in this post.  If anything, he was making fun of something that has been taken way too seriously. It’s funny how New Orleanians can put it out there on signs and banners, but no one can take it in a tweet. …

"I’ve welcomed Goodell and Prisco and invited them to dinner. Now, let’s be better than our enemies and show our visitors what we are made of. Let’s be gracious and welcoming. Let’s have fun and enjoy all the exciting festivities going on this week in our city."

The real shame is that Jonathan Vilma doesn't have a restaurant in New Orleans. It would make for the perfect reconciliation meeting spot.

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