The Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are scheduled to visit President Barack Obama at the White House next Monday, June 6. This is not abnormal. The Super Bowl champs visit the White House pretty much every year. The president cracks some jokes, the team presents him with a jersey ... it's all a good time.

What makes this particular trip unusual is that there were some questions about whether some highly visible players will make the trip. Peyton Manning retired. Brock Osweiler signed with the Texans. Von Miller has yet to sign his franchise tag. What's the status of each of those players for Monday?

So, that's a yes on Manning and Miller, and a no on Osweiler, who will be at OTAs on Monday. Osweiler's full statement reads as follows:

"The Broncos graciously extended an invitation for me to join them at The White House on Monday, but due to a scheduled OTA in Houston, I feel it is important to be at practice with my new teammates. It's a new offensive system for me and every practice and rep is extremely important. I am very appreciative of the Broncos wanting to include me on this special day."

No word yet on whether other departed coaches and players, like Malik Jackson (now with the Jaguars) will be in attendance.

Only one of these two will visit the White House next week. USATSI