The New Orleans Saints surprised no one when they decided to sign Adrian Peterson to a contract and attempt to jam him into a round hole; AP is a square peg and he didn't fit with the Saints offense. As such, the Saints didn't surprise anyone either when they decided they were done with Peterson.

The method of getting rid of him was a shock though, as the Arizona Cardinals traded for Peterson to try and help what is currently the worst rushing offense in the league (by about 20 yards). 

According to Ian Rappoport of NFL Media, there was also another team involved: the Baltimore Ravens. Rapoport reported on NFL Network Sunday that the Cardinals view Peterson "as a starter" and that they sent a private plane to pick up Peterson. 

"First of all, they consider him a starter, he is going to get a lot of carries this week. Second of all, they beat out the Baltimore Ravens for the opportunity to trade for Peterson, that was the other team that was interested," Rapport said. "Here's how the Cardinals got Peterson ready: they sent running backs coach Freddie Kitchens on a private plane to New Orleans to pick Peterson up to get a jumpstart on the homework.

"So basically as soon as the team acquired him, he's been studying and getting ready for this opportunity."

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Everyone knew that the Saints were putting Peterson on the trading block and that there would be multiple teams interested. Things just weren't working out for Peterson in New Orleans. But the Ravens are a bit surprising considering they rank in the top 10 in rushing yards per game among all teams, but there is an argument to be made for them as a landing spot for Peterson. 

Baltimore has taken on a ton of injuries but has remained decent enough to be a contender both in the division and in the AFC at large. Alex Collins leads the team in rushing with 261 yards, and Javorious Allen is second with 232 yards. This is not how Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh saw things going. 

Additionally, the Ravens would love to minimize the number of times that Joe Flacco has to throw the ball. Bringing in Peterson could help do that, even if he wasn't completely effective. They must have not been willing to part with more than a conditional sixth-round pick, however, and the Saints sent Peterson to Arizona. 

The Cardinals should be glad, and it makes sense they were willing to roll out the red carpet: they are desperate for any kind of offensive improvement, and badly need AP to inject something/anything into the offensive attack. 

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He is certainly going to get a chance when he suits up for the first time.