One politician is trying to kick the Vegas-bound Raiders out of Oakland

People in Oakland are pretty miffed about the Raiders decision to leave town and head for Las Vegas. It might not happen until either 2019 or 2020, but the Raiders are leaving after NFL owners approved the move with a vote of 31-1.

At least one Oakland politician wants to try and get the Raiders out sooner. Oakland councilman Larry Reid was so miffed about the Raiders leaving for Sin City that, according to David DeBolt of the East Bay Times, he is trying to figure out how to get the Raiders kicked out of the O.Co Coliseum. 

The Raiders currently have two one-year leases on the coliseum for 2017 and 2018, but Reid is “consulting with attorneys to see if there is a legal way to kick the Raiders out of the facility” and make them play somewhere else the next two seasons.  

“I don’t want them here,” Reid said. “They can go down to Santa Clara and play.”

The biggest problem for Reid is that, without having any legal knowledge of the lease, there probably isn’t a really viable way to boot the Raiders.

Best-case scenario for Reid and the city of Oakland -- if everyone wants to remove the Raiders -- is proving Oakland didn’t make a good-faith effort to try and work something out with the city before securing a deal in Las Vegas.

But even that would be tough to prove and, because the legal system is so delightful, would probably take quite some time to actually prove in a court of law. 

If that’s the case, then Oakland would probably end up watching the Raiders play in O.Co for 2017 before finally getting to run them out in 2018. Again, that’s best case and the Raiders could probably figure something out, either playing in UNLV’s stadium or calling up the 49ers and asking to split Levi’s Stadium for a year or two.

The NFL pretty emphatically wants the Raiders in Las Vegas -- as demonstrated by the vote totals -- and would be willing to figure something out so the Raiders could play.

Reid’s actions, then, are probably closer to the spurned business partner looking for any excuse to sue. 

It might happen naturally anyway. If Raiders fans take up Mark Davis on his offer to refund season tickets, the Raiders might not see sticking around Oakland as a financially viable situation and bounce early anyway. 

Suffice to say, this is hardly the last little bit of vitriol we’ll see out of the Bay Area as the Raiders bounce on a passionate local fanbase

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