Jon Bon Jovi, who has cultivated relationships with influential NFL bigwigs and remains eager to purchase an NFL team, would have considerable interest in the Titans should they come for sale, according to league sources. Bon Jovi attempted to purchase the Bills and continues to work behind the scenes to be in line for a franchise, though many have serious reservations about his ability to secure the kind of financing necessary.

Bon Jovi is among the potential suitors paying particular attention to the Titans, a team that has lacked a long-term plan for ownership within the Adams family and one that other owners believe could formally come for sale in the spring or fall as the family continues to sort through tax and estate issues. The team has continued to deny any possibility of a sale, though the longer the Adams family goes without being engaged in NFL committees and meetings and the more suitors line up behind the scenes, the more questions will be asked about how long the team will remain in that family.

Nashville is a marquee music market and while Bon Jovi -- or any other eager buyer -- will not admit to interest in any particular club this early in the process (he long denied focusing on the Bills before trying to purchase them) for obvious reasons, he is expected to enter the fray if or when the possibility opens. Steelers minority owner Barry Tepper, FedEx founder Fred Smith and the well-connected Frist family are among those who would likely be interested should the team formally come up for sale, while Peyton Manning would be a candidate to join the team in a front office and/or minority ownership capacity should he opt to retire.

Will Jon Bon Jovi (r.) join Robert Kraft in the ranks of NFL owners? (USATSI)
Will Jon Bon Jovi join Robert Kraft in the ranks of NFL owners? (USATSI)