More than three years ago, when the Seahawks selected Russell Wilson with the 75th pick and the Redskins took Kirk Cousins with 102nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, did anyone think they'd both be starting for playoff teams in 2015?

That's not all Wilson and Cousins have accomplished in 2015. They're also the only two quarterbacks in the NFL who threw at least one touchdown in all 16 games of the season.

Four quarterbacks entered Week 17 with at least one touchdown in the first 15 games: Cousins, Wilson, Tom Brady, and Blake Bortles. Brady and Bortles each went touchdown-less in their respective losses to the Dolphins and Texans, but Cousins threw three touchdowns in the Redskins' win over the Cowboys and Wilson tossed three in the Seahawks' win over the Cardinals.

It's been a special year for both players. 

While Wilson established himself as a premier passer well before this season, he elevated his play in 2015 and set franchise records in the process. Wilson threw for the most yards (4,024) and touchdowns (34) in a single Seahawks season.

Meanwhile, Cousins used 2015 to establish himself as more than a backup. And, like Wilson, he entered his team's record books. Cousins accumulated the most passing yards (4,166) in a Redskins season.

Wilson and Cousins each threw at least one touchdown in every game. (USATSI)