Every year, the NFL postseason is filled with multiple teams looking for their first Super Bowl win. However, that's not exactly the case this year. 

Of the 12 teams in the playoffs this year, there are only two that haven't won a Super Bowl, which is the fewest since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. With new Super Bowl winners every year, you might think that it's only natural for this number to go down every season, but that hasn't been the case. 

In last year's playoffs, there were a total of seven teams that had never won a Super Bowl with the Bills, Jaguars, Titans, Eagles, Vikings, Panthers and Falcons all entering the postseason with zero Lombardi Trophies. Obviously, the Eagles won't be on the list this year since they came away as the winner in Super Bowl LII. 

So who are the teams that have never won a Super Bowl?

First, we have the Houston Texans. The Texans have only existed since 2002, so it's not a big shock that they've never won a Super Bowl. This season marks the fifth time the Texans have ever made the playoffs and they've never come close to winning the Super Bowl and that's mainly because they've never even advanced past the Divisional Round. The Texans have an all-time playoff record of 3-4. 

The other team in this year's playoff field that has never won a Super Bowl is the Los Angeles Chargers. Philip Rivers has taken the Chargers to the playoffs a total of five times, and he's taken them to the AFC title game once (2007), but he's never won a Super Bowl with them. Rivers' overall postseason record with the Chargers is 4-4.

Although the Chargers have never won a Super Bowl, they have played in one. Following the 1994 season, the Chargers got blown out 49-26 by the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX, which still represents their only appearance in the NFL's biggest game. They did play in the AFC Championship game in two straight seasons (1980, 1981), but they lost both of those games. 

Before this season, the fewest amount of teams to enter the playoffs without a Super Bowl win was three, which had happened three times since 1970 (2001, 2010, 2016). 

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The 10 teams in this year's postseason that have won a Super Bowl have combined to win a total of 20 of the 52 Lombardi Trophies that have been handed out or 38.5 percent. 

Total Super Bowl wins in this year's playoff field

Cowboys (5): 1971 (Super Bowl VI), 1977 (Super Bowl XII), 1992 (Super Bowl XXVII), 1993 (Super Bowl XXVIII), 1995 (Super Bowl  XXX)
Patriots (5): 2001 (Super Bowl XXXVI), 2003 (Super Bowl XXXVIII), 2004 (Super Bowl XXXIX), 2014 (Super Bowl XLIX), 2016 (Super Bowl LI)
Colts (2): 1970 (Super Bowl V), 2006 (Super Bowl XLI)
Ravens (2): 2000 (Super Bowl XXXV), 2012 (Super Bowl XLVII)
Chiefs (1): 1969 (Super Bowl IV)
Bears (1): 1985 (Super Bowl XX)
Rams (1): 1999 (Super Bowl XXXIV)
Saints (1): 2009 (Super Bowl XLIV)
Seahawks (1): 2013 (Super Bowl XLVIII)
Eagles (1): 2017 (Super Bowl LII)