Osi Umenyiora: 'Strong chance [I'll] be in a wheelchair' at age 45

Earlier Tuesday we noted that Trevor Pryce strongly disagreed with the comments made by Amani Toomer, a former Michigan Wolverines teammate of Pryce's, about Kurt Warner not allowing his children to play football.

Now another one of Toomer's former teammates, this time with the Giants, has come out against the comments made by Toomer. Osi Umenyiora, new to Twitter, backed up Warner's stance and made a serious statement about the long-term health of NFL players by pointing out that "when [I'm] 45 there is a strong chance [I'll] be in a wheelchair."

"Kurt Warner is Right to think how he is thinking about his kids and football," Umenyiora tweeted. "Love Toomer thats my Guy, but he is dead wrong for attacking Kurt like that."

Osi then added his ominous statement about his future health.

Osi also tweeted that "If i can avoid that for my son, i will. But if he wants to play [football] i wont stop him."

Here's the thing: it's not Toomer's place to decide how Warner will raise his children and whether or not they'll be allowed to play football. There are lots of things that kids want to do in life, and many of them aren't permitted by their parents.

Though I don't have kids myself, I'm on board with Osi's stance. If my kids want to play football (and good luck with that, Lil' Brinson, unless you get the mailman's genes), I'd let them. The same thing goes with gymnastics or ballet or whatever sport he/she wants to participate in. But I'd also probably encourage him to focus on a position (like kicker) that's a lot less likely to put his long-term health at risk.
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