Our long national 'How do you pronounce Tyrod Taylor's name?' nightmare is finally over

Finally, at long last, we can stop wondering how to pronounce Tyrod Taylor's name. The Cleveland Browns have made it official by letting a large portion of the football-watching world know they've been doing it wrong all along.

According to, I believe, someone in NFL research, the Browns have informed the league that Tyrod's first name shall henceforth be pronounced TUH-rod and not the TIE-rod that you've probably been going with.

No, really, this was something someone emailed:

This all started to really crop up during the first episode of "Hard Knocks," when fourth-string quarterback Brogan Roback (who was born and immediately swaddled in a Vineyard Vines polo, no doubt) called Tyrod "Tuh-rod." I got a kick out of it.

And I'm not suggesting that I spawned the thing, but people started talking about how to pronounce Tyrod's name, including his teammate Joel Bitonio, who pointed out we're doing it all wrong.

As things tend to do in the preseason/offseason/training camp/not on NFL gamedays, it spiraled out of control. Reporters were calling his parents, calling his coaches, calling everyone they know asking what the deal is. Even Tyrod didn't know how to really pronounce his own name. (No, seriously.)

Kyle Brandt of "Good Morning, Football" did a Woodward/Bernstein-level deep dive into the history and also came away perplexed. 

Which is why at the end of it, he begged the Browns to make a decision. SAVE US, BROWNS. PLEASE. 

The Browns don't often answer the call, but they have in this case, letting the world know, via NFL research (or some other shadowy league figure with access to company email) that the time for TIE-rod is over.

From now on he is only known as TUH-rod (although I suppose technically it's Tuh-ROD Taylor instead). Unfortunately there is about a zero-point-zero percent chance that everyone gets on board with the actual pronunciation of this off the bat. 

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