Owners vote 29-0 to impose cap penalties against Cowboys, Redskins

The NFL owners voted 29-0 in favor of cap penalties on Tuesday. (Getty Images)

The big topic at the NFL owners meetings in West Palm Beach this week is the suspension of Sean Payton and the Saints punishment for the bounty program they ran. But a close second is the cap penalties handed out to the Cowboys and Redskins.

And on Tuesday, CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman confirms, the NFL owners voted 29-0 in favor of imposing those penalties. The news was first reported by the NFL Network's Albert Breer.

The 29 comes from one team abstaining and the Cowboys and the Redskins not voting on the measure, for reasons that are pretty obvious. Freeman reports that the team who abstained was the Buccaneers. As to why, my best guess is the Bucs felt bad for not spending any money.

The Boys and Skins will still proceed with their arbitration-based legal recourse, but the NFL owners have spoken. Or, at least, kind of spoken: 29-0 doesn't necessarily mean that every single NFL owner agrees with the punishment being imposed on the two teams.

What it means is that any NFL owners who disagree do understand that there's not much to be gained by voting against the cap punishments, especially when Dallas and Washington are moving forward with their own method of recouping their lost salary cap space.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the other owners pick up a competitive advantage from the Redskins and Cowboys loss -- the salary cap punishments are redistributed back to the remaining teams.
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