P Diddy wants to become NFL's first African-American majority owner

P Diddy wants to become NFL's first African-American owner.
P Diddy wants to become the NFL's first African-American owner.(USATSI)

Mo' money isn't always mo' problems. For instance, P. Diddy has so much money that he wants to own a football team. Wise choice!

Diddy, speaking with Bloomberg TV about his new music channel Revolt TV, stated that he wants to become the "first African-American majority owner" in the NFL.

"I'm more of an owner type of guy. So I have aspirations to become -- it will happen -- to become the first African-American majority owner," Diddy said. "Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it's time for that. A majority of the players in the NFL are African-American but there are no African-American owners. So that's one of my dreams."

The man formerly known as Puff Daddy -- how silly would that name sound in 2013? -- said he's constantly asked about Jay-Z's RocNation sports agency and whether or not he should fire up the same thing.

"But then when I see my friend having a sports agency I support him," Diddy said. "When I get the calls Oh we need to do Bad Boy Sports. I'm like no that's not my lane. I stay in my lane. This is my lane I want to do. I'm just me. I do my own thing."

Diddy's thing is pretty busy right now. But if he wants to make it about owning an NFL team, good for him. Minority ownership is a benefit for multiple reasons and if nothing else, it would be vastly entertaining to see him and Jerry Jones hang out.

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