Aaron Rodgers is no longer a cheesehead.

Not in the sense that he's no longer the Packers quarterback -- of course he is -- but in the sense that he's stopped eating cheese. As first reported by ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Rodgers is now living a dairy-free lifestyle.

So, that means Wisconsin's finest cheese is now off limits for Wisconsin's biggest star.

"I just wanted to get healthier," Rodgers said, per ESPN. "I've done a lot of research and talked with Adam Korzun, our [team] nutritionist, and some other friends around the league about how I can extend my career and how I can be and feel healthier."

Last week, Rodgers revealed his new diet meant ditching something called the 80/20 rule, which basically meant 80 percent of his food was healthy and 20 percent was whatever he wanted to eat. Now, his diet is inspired by Tom Brady's, which led to Brady's own $200 cookbook.

"Through your eating, you can reduce inflammation because if you do research, you learn the different foods you eat can actually increase the inflammation in your body and especially in certain parts of your body," Rodgers said. "And with a knee condition I've had a long time, it really started after the surgery, thinking about exactly what I'm going to eat the first couple of weeks after surgery to kind of limit the amount of inflammation in my knee and carried that around the rest of the offseason."

The result? Rodgers is the lightest he's been since 2007, according to ESPN. He's roughly 218 pounds now.

"I came in at 216.9, and I'm as light as I've been since that year," Rodgers said. "I would like play between 218 and 220. I think that's how I can extend my career if I can eat a little bit better. Because it carries over not just in the offseason, but what you're eating the night before the game and what you're eating in the morning and the afternoon -- if it's a night game -- just how that it affects your performance."

Rodgers, 32, is coming off a disappointing season (by his standards) that saw him post a career-low 92.7 passer rating. Still, if Rodgers maintains his high level of play for the next several seasons, he has a shot to leave the game as arguably the greatest quarterback ever.

Brady, who'll turn 39 this summer, is still operating at a peak level. And he doesn't eat dairy. Drew Brees is still functioning at a high level at the age of 37, and he's also dairy free. So, perhaps giving up dairy is the key to success in the NFL, which is bad news, because that means I can never be an NFL quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers gave up dairy as a part of his new diet. USATSI