The Packers' 26-20 loss to Arizona on Saturday marked the second straight year that Green Bay's season ended in overtime. The Packers also lost an overtime game to Seattle in last year's NFC Championship. 

In both cases, the Packers offense never got to touch the ball in overtime because Green Bay lost the OT coin toss in both games. Both the Cardinals and Seahawks then went on to score the game-winning touchdown on their first possession.

Losing like that doesn't sit well with Clay Matthews, who'd like to see the NFL make a change to the overtime rule.

The Packers linebacker said that the NFL should switch to the college rule, where each team gets at least one possession in overtime. 

"Let's go college rules. Just put us on the 25 or whatever it is and let us go at it," Matthews said when asked if the NFL's OT rule should be examined, via USA Today. "But I don't know. I'm sure it'll be talked about. It sucks that we don't have an opportunity. But those are the rules right now. We've got to play by them."

Now, before you yell at Matthews and tell him that the Packers could've gotten an offensive possession in overtime if the Packers defense had made a stop, he's already well aware of that point. 

"We had an opportunity to stop them on their side of the field and force a punt and kick a field goal to win, and we didn't do that," Matthews said. 

After winning the coin toss, it only took the Cardinals three plays to go 80-yards and score the game-winning touchdown. 

Back to Matthews' idea though. One thing the college overtime rule would definitely do is eliminate the importance of the coin toss. After the Packers loss to Arizona, Aaron Rodgers called the overtime coin toss a "debacle." 

On the toss, referee Clete Blakeman failed to "flip" the coin, which caused it to go up in the air flat like a frisbee. Blakeman decided to re-toss the coin without asking Rodgers if he wanted to change his call from "tails" to "heads."

Despite the controversy, not everyone in Green Bay's locker room wants to see the overtime rule changed.

"That's sucker stuff, man," nose tackle B.J. Raji said when asked about the NFL's overtime rules. "We lost the game. We should've won."

Anyway, if Matthews wants the overtime rule changed, he should probably talk to someone in the Packers front office. Back in March, the Bears actually recommended a rule change that would've called for each team to get a possession in overtime. However, that rule got shot down 29-3 and the Packers weren't one of the teams that voted for it, according to USA Today

Clay Matthews wants to see the NFL's OT rule changed. (USATSI)
Clay Matthews wants to see the NFL's OT rule changed. (USATSI)