It's been quite the tumultuous offseason for the Green Bay Packers after seeing their stellar 2020 campaign derailed in January. The goal was to reload for 2021, but they're having one hell of a time getting the magazine back into the gun. They find themselves in an ongoing controversy with reigning league MVP Aaron Rodgers -- who reportedly refuses to play another snap for the organization and subsequently decided to skip OTAs and mandatory minicamp -- in a situation that could impact what happens in contract talks with four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams is entering the final year of a deal that will pay him $12.25 million in base salary, and coming off a season that saw him rack up 1,374 receiving yards and a career-high 18 touchdowns en route to being named an All-Pro, the 28-year-old is in position to get a sizable raise soon. The question remains if it'll be with the Packers but, for his part, Adams is definitely leaning that way.

"That's the plan, man," he told Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report. "I'm not planning on going anywhere."

That's music to the ears of the Packers and their fan faithful, but it's not a concrete declaration. What ultimately happens with Rodgers will play a large part in his decision. The other will be what size contract the team throws his way. 

It all factors in, but don't expect him to hold out for a new deal.

"[The plan is] only one piece of it, though," he added. "Obviously, the quarterback situation helps it, but the stars got to align across the board as far as contractually. We'll figure all that stuff out and let it happen. I'll be at training camp like I said regardless, we're going to play the season, and we'll see how all of that pans out."

As far as his relationship with Rodgers goes, the two have evolved into what's currently a strong personal relationship.

"It's been a very gradual growth," said Adams. "That's kind of how the true connection goes between a quarterback and a wideout. We let this thing happen organically, and I'd say we took some big steps throughout the way, but to get from where I was when I first got here to where I am with him now, it's a huge difference and it's a lot of focus and off-field experiences and stuff that brought us even closer together. We're closer now than we ever have been, and I think that it reflects on the field."

And with such a close relationship, Adams has an inside track on if Rodgers will show up for training camp and, ultimately, the regular season to come. But even he has no clue what'll happen -- given just how fractured things currently are. All Adams and the Packers can do is wait and hope.

"Honestly, I'm not a gambling man, so it's tough to say what the chances are on that, but we're all just praying that he comes back," he said. "That's my guy. His locker is always going to be there. I don't see him leaving and I pray that he doesn't. 

"We're all just going to stay in good spirits and just let the chips fall where they may."