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The biggest story in the NFL at the moment is the drama surrounding reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. At the center of that drama is second-year quarterback Jordan Love, for whom the Packers traded up to the No. 26 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. 

That trade up (among other issues) irked Rodgers, and has exacerbated the rift between Rodgers and the organization to the point that he no longer wants to be there. All of which raises the question, is the organization's handpicked successor to their living legend of a quarterback ready to step into the lineup? 

If general manager Brian Gutekunst is to be believed, probably not. 

"He's got a long way to go," Gutekunst said of Love after the first round of this year's draft, per The Athletic. He did note, however, that the team is "ecstatic for his development. Obviously we think the world of Jordan and where he's going to grow and develop. I think it's pretty early to be able to tell you that because obviously with no preseason games last year and just kind of the no-spring, but we have a lot of confidence in his talents, in his work ethic and where he's going to go. But it's a little early for that."

That's not necessarily a ringing endorsement of a first-round pick, but it's also easy to understand why the Packers can't necessarily know how ready Love is. There were no preseason games last season, and Love did not step on the field for a single regular-season snap. Teams rarely give their backups first-team reps during regular-season practices, so it's likely that Love has barely taken any work that would be able to show the Packers what kind of player they have on their hands. 

He'll presumably get more of that work this offseason if Rodgers insists on not showing up to training camp, but that's a bit of a ways off at the moment. Green Bay has been publicly committed to keeping Rodgers in the starting role for this coming season and beyond, but there are obviously some fences that need to be mended before that can happen. If they're not, we're going to see exactly how long a way Love has to go.