This is going to look like we're picking on Packers rookie linebacker Kyler Fackrell, but we're not. He just got tossed and it needs to be further addressed.

On Green Bay's final defensive play of the Redskins' surprising 42-24 beatdown Sunday night, Rob Kelley's third touchdown run sealed the game. (Shout out to Fat Rob for saving my Fantasy season in a couple leagues.)

Fackrell was the last man onto the field for the play in question, sprinting in to help at the last second. He didn't help much, getting tossed to the ground when he tried to sprint into the backfield.

Let's break it down a little more closely.

Fackrell sprints onto the field.

via NFL Game Rewind

Like an average dude arriving to the office for a 9 a.m. Monday morning meeting, he's probably a little disheveled and not sure where he should be.

He gets to the line of scrimmage as quickly as possible and lines up like a pass rusher, fully prepared to bust into the backfield and keep the possibility of a two-score game within reach.

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And then he got absolutely TOSSED by Morgan Moses. Like a rag doll made of salad.

via NFL Game Rewind

Again, in no way are we trying to pick on Fackrell. It just so happens this play perfectly sums up what the Redskins did to the Packers and shows how rough things are for Green Bay.